There are people

behind every process.

We believe that the success of GKTSL begins with a well-coordinated team. 





What do we base our cooperation on ?


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Communication Involvement


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Control Flexibility


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Reliability Punctuality




By entrusting us with an order,

you do not have to worry about anything!

If you contact our specialist, we will process the order expressly. Our commitment will allow the transport to reach its destination and on time.

We will take care of your time, free from worries related to transport.




is a transport, forwarding and logistics company.

National and international transport.


"The ambition of a dynamic team of employees is to solve optimally transport problems of our Clients. All activities that give our Mandators a guarantee of the security of entrusted goods, conscientious performance of each order and timeliness of deliveries are subordinated to this goal. We focus on activities aimed at ensuring the adaptation to the market volatility, we easily fulfil ourselves on many levels, obtaining competitive prices."


Grzegorz Kawczyński
We will organize any transport



Our trusted employee will contact you quickly to arrange the details and prepare a specific offer.

We organize immediate orders, it takes anywhere from a few to several hours.

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